Nafoura Kurma Water is the first palm date beverage in Indonesia. The idea came from the goodness of the fruit itself, how to deliver the goodness of the palm dates into the ready to serve product.


The palm dates is a fruit that provides excellent benefits for health and source of antioxidant. Palm dates fruit contains high iron for anemia. Moreover, as for the high content of potassium can reduce the risk of stroke and heart disease.


Indonesia is the biggest palm fruit importer in the world. Palm fruit has become a favorite fruit to consume especially during Ramadhan season. With Nafoura Kurma Water, everyone can get the benefit of palm dates all year round.


Nafoura Kurma Water has the content of the goodness equivalent of consuming 3 palm dates. As a health drink, Nafoura Kurma Water is very focused on the nutrients content inside every bottle.


The following content in Nafoura Kurma Water :

  • Water
  • Sugar
  • Date Extract
  • Inulin
  • Date flavor (SW-19331HL)
  • Potasium Sorbat
  • Premix Vitamin dan Mineral
  • Caramel color CI E150d




Our Vision

To be the trusted brand that produces consumable goods which deliver health, beauty, and convenience benefits.

Our Mission

1. Produce the highest quality products in the Indonesian market

2. Produce drinks with high health benefits

3. Presenting the ease of consuming ready-to-drink beverages