Benefits of Dates: From Soothing Your Skin to Helping Normal Labor

14 Sep 2016

People can find dates easily in Indonesia during the Ramadan season. Besides giving a sweet taste for those who break their prolonged fast, dates also give many benefits to our health and beauty.

The Indian Spot mentions that, just like oranges, dates in fact contain vitamin C, which helps sooth and nourish our skin. Besides, the fruits which are popular as snacks in the Middle East are also antioxidant. That makes dates useful for preventing early skin ageing.

We can also find vitamin B inside dates. That is why dates are known as skin food. This group of vitamin contained by dates may relieve our acne scars and stretch marks.

Stylish Walks explains that dry dates are rich of calcium. The mineral from dry dates keeps our bones and teeth healthy and strong. Consuming dry dates regularly every day is believed to keep us away from several bone problems, such as osteoporosis and tooth decay.

Meanwhile, Styles at Life names a benefit from dates juice for expecting mothers who wish to have a normal delivery. Dates have some enzymes which function as oxytocin in women. It is recommended for expecting mothers to drink dates juice in their last month of pregnancy, to help in contraction of the uterine muscles.

So, it turns out that dates which are known as a part of the breakfasting menu, offer many benefits to the human body.