4 Things you Absolutely Should not Forget in Diet

30 Jul 2018

Having an ideal weight is everyone’s dream. Some of them even didn’t mind to things like extreme diet, unreasonable exercise, and consuming certain diet products. What is wrong about diet is on how it often confused with not eating at all, in which is very dangerous and won’t actually make you closer to your dream body. Friends, be careful please!

If you really want to follow a certain diet plan, you absolutely should not forget these things even if your diet plan says otherwise!


1. Don’t Forget to Breakfast 

Breakfast is very important for your day’s energy reserve. Like its name suggest, your body is in fasting state when you are sleeping thus breaking it by having a meal after you wake up will help so much. In fact, if your body didn’t get what it should get in the morning, you may develop snacking habits which kind of harmful to your goal. Recommended foods for breakfast are those with high fiber and lean protein contents such as whole grain and eggs.


2. Keep Eating

Guys, dieting doesn’t mean you eat nothing, but in fact if you have your meals about 5-6 times a day with reasonable smaller portion can help you to withstand snacking habits. For those wondering why some diet plans with strict eating rules works quick, it actually does not. The weight loss happens actually not because the body is weight less but because it has slower metabolism and the weight loss tend to stay not long. Meanwhile, actual diet that gives permanent results have longer process because your body needs to adjust itself on its own way. Remember though, the meals should be filled with low in fat and high in protein.

3. Eat More Fruits

Fruits are the most valuable thing if you want an effective diet. While it helps to promoting your general well-being, fruits in diet can be also work as a natural remedies for weight loss as well without any noticeable impact to body. It can also be your snacks between meals to help coup with the cravings. High-carbohydrate fruits, such as banana, pear, and mango, are perfect for breakfast to jumpstart your body. Watermelon, apple, and papaya have low-carbohydrate content and help your digestive system without taxing your body with too much sugar.


4. Do Some Exercise

By exercising, you can further increase the effectiveness of your diet’s output. Workout for at least 60-90 minutes for 3-4 times a week. Jogging and cycling can be a great choice. Even simply walking will help burning unwanted calories as well. Friends, start working out now!