Goodbye Oily Scalp, Welcome To Lush and Healthy Hair!

06 Aug 2018

Generally, skin is one of the most important parts of our body. In addition to functioning as a hot-regulating organ, a water reservoir, and a dermis sensory nervous system protector, the skin also plays an important role as a means of excretion (expenditure). In this role, the scalp can not only sweat, but also the oil contained in the dermis tissue. Oily skin can be caused by the habit of eating oily foods, hormonal problems, genetic factors, or too often clean the face.


Although the scalp type is different, but the type of oily scalp needs special attention so it will not cause odors and limp on the hair that threatens your appearance. Then, what should you do to keep your strength and healthy hair free from the problems of oily scalp? Check out the following tips!



1. Clean Time Wash Hair


Many people do not know, the more frequent we make hair washing, the natural oil is also lifted during the shampoo process. This is what makes the skin produce more oil again and make it more oily. So, set the intensity of your shampoo to 2 times a week for your head skin to get paused to meet with shampoo.


2. Use Dry Shampoo or Hair Powder


Dry Shampoo or Hair Powder serves to absorb the excess oil content that is on the scalp. Because when you feel your hair limp, not necessarily the time has come to wash hair again.


3. Select Shampoo and Conditioner Type


Lately, more and more variations of shampoo and conditioner are present with their respective uses to address all the problems of hair for both men and women. However, always make sure that the shampoo and conditioner you use is the type that is suitable for the type of hair with oily scalp. You can use Moisturizing Shampoo and Lightweight Conditioner to help keep the moisture lost on the scalp.


4. Use Purifying Shampoo or Periodic Treatment


Hair with oily scalp was indeed can not be arbitrary while washing hair. In addition to using mosturizing shampoos, purifying shampoos can also be used as an option to remove the rest of the accumulated dirt and oil on the scalp. Complete with hair treatment regularly to maintain the strength and health of your hair.


5. Control Usage Hairdryer


As you dry your hair using a hairdryer, make sure the heat level you set on your hairdryer is at the lowest level. Hot winds that are too often exposed to the hair can cause excess oil production to be faster. Worse yet, in the prolonged time without being balanced with the treatment, your hair actually even more dry and brittle so it is very easy to break and fall out.