Skincare Before You Sleep

13 Aug 2018

Throughout the day and its activities, your skin whether you realize or not, are in fact facing exposure from ultraviolet, dust, and pollution. The most visible thing of the impact is the premature aging, such as wrinkles, complexion, and fine lines. As hard as it is to avoid the damages, you can help to reduce it strength by doing simple skincare before you sleep.

Nighttime is the perfect chance to do skincare as when you’re asleep, your skin is in its most relaxed condition and regenerating as well. This regenerating process is what we will use to make our skin even healthier after. Kurmate, if you do these skincare routinely, it is highly possible that it can reduce the impact from the premature aging and help rejuvenate your skin as well. See below tips :


1. Cleanse Your Face

The dirt, oil and makeup buildup from throughout the day is always better washed off. First, you will able to lessen the oil amounts and remove those bacteria that causes acnes. By doing this also, you make your skin now perfect to apply some treatments as it is clean and in its regenerative state. Night serums that contains retinol is recommended as it able to accelerate your cells metabolism.


2. Use Moisturizer

By hidrating your skin back, your skin will appear plumper and makes the fine lines less visible. For that reason, it is very recommend that you applies moisturizer. Another tip for you is to put your moisturizer on your fridge first and apply the cold to reduce the redness caused by your blood vessels working too much and helps constrict it. The cold will also help to tighten your skin pores.


3. Lying on Your Back

Kurmate, if you often sleep on your stomach, unfortunately it can cause more appearance of face lines and eye bags that can become a permanent if you stuck on this habit. Try to avoid the habit and lie on your back. Other than that, if your hair is long, it would be better to pin your hair back, why? Your hair, like it or not, contains oil and dust, which you shouldn’t want to be transferred to your face.