Why Should You Clean Your Hands Diligently?

30 Nov 2018

Hands are one of the organs in the body that we use most often to do various kinds of daily activities; eat, drink, store things, carry things, take a bath, wear clothes, cook, even clean up a dirty place. Indeed, we often forget to maintain its cleanliness. Meanwhile, there are many invisible germs that nest in the palm.


If you are one of the most in of careless person, you need to know the facts about the germs that might been nest in your hand. In 2013, a research did in Michigan, USA which showed that 95% of people secretly did not wash their hands after do activities. They believed that sanitizer was clearly enough to clean their hands. Meanwhile, other facts occurred at the Human Prevention and Prevention Center released hygiene studies conducted in the restaurant industry. As a result, 62% of employees did not provide food before starting. Well, there is one more fact that makes you really aware that hands are very useful. Not only happens in the case of restaurant employees, but also in hospital. As it turned out, as many as 70% of them also did not clean up their hands after checking the patients. In fact, medical procedures must be obeyed.


According to the Hand Hygiene Europe site, humans have left 10 million germs that are nested around the area of the finger to the elbow and doubled when we use the toilet. When our hands are wet, there are 1000 germs are spread out more than in dry condition and can be survive up to 3 hours. Imagine if you continued to do activities but did not wash your hands immediately or sleep early, it could be some germs have entered your body.


Well, so now you already know that maintaining hand hygiene is not a demand, but a necessity, because everything starts with what we hold with our hands. Always get used to washing hands before and after do activities, eating and going to bed. When you are outside, you must also prepare wet wipes that are safe to use and alcohol free. Alcohol which contained in each sheet of wet tissue can cause side effects that are not good for our body due to not being able to evaporate completely. Also pay attention to the correct procedures for use. Avoid using wet wipes that start from hand to face because this will actually move the germs on the surface of your palm to the skin of your face.